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Ripple puppy eyes April 2008

How could I *ever* do anything wrong?!

You’ve found the home page for Nuthatch Kennel!

NOTE!!! : We are no longer breeding… after 2 years of breeding attempts without success we have decided to throw in the towel until such time as we get another suitable girl.  It’s sad because our pups were a great start in our breeding goals but we only had one girl to keep that line going (and she was exactly what I was trying for!!), but she decided that puppies weren’t for her.  Clearly, I wasn’t meant to be doing this.

Anyway, Nuthatch Kennel was a Leonberger dog breed kennel in the Denver, CO, USA  area.  For an updated list of Leo breeders in the US we suggest checking the National Breed Club’s breeder pages.

If you are interested in a Leonberger puppy please thoroughly check out any breeder you connect with – look at the fine print on the breeder’s literature. Just one example: suppose a breeder lists a pedigree on their website.  That’s nice, but it’s easy enough to simply type up an official looking pedigree so do your homework and check the pedigree issuer – is it the AKC, or one of the European counterparts?  Fine.  Is it anything else? – maybe “American Pedigree Association” or something equally official-sounding but meaningless?,  your wonderful Leo pup could have anything in it’s background.   If you don’t care about its background, great, have fun with your dog.  But if you want a true Leo with a known Leo background check every dog in that pedigree.  Where’s dad from? where’s mom from? grandmom and granddad?  are they AKC-listed dogs (or a European equivalent).  Check it all out first.