Home Sweet Home

Ripple puppy eyes April 2008

How could I *ever* do anything wrong?!

You’ve found the home page for Nuthatch Kennel! It’s always a work-in-progress so check back in now and again for new news and more Leo pictures.  We are also on Facebook – search for Nuthatch Kennel.

Nuthatch Kennel is a Leonberger dog breed kennel in the Denver, CO, USA area.  We are a small, limited-breeding, hobby breeder, and as such, interested in keeping any Leo pups we breed nearby in the western/mid-western states so that we can be roughly a day’s drive from any concerns for both us and our Leo pup owners.  We intend to stay a small kennel –  perhaps a litter once a year at most – and will focus on quality and maintaining relationships with our puppy owners.  There are other breeders that will ship pups across the states so if you are elsewhere in the US or other countries we suggest checking with them first.

If you are interested in a Leonberger puppy we invite you to review the Leonberger links on our pages and see if this dog is really for you.  Leos have many wonderful characteristics but have just as many down-sides and we encourage to get the whole picture before choosing this breed.

OTOH, if you’re ready for a houseful of fur and a 130+ lb. lap dog that eats you out of house and home and *then* wants dinner… well, feel free to contact us.  We love to “talk Leos” and will either answer your questions or steer you in (hopefully) the right direction.