Skimmer is a very excellent Leonberger

Skimmer - Rally Entry

Skimmer takes Rally in stride.

I thought I’d posted this ages ago but apparently I didn’t…

Odd title for a post, I’ll admit, but it does have an extra meaning.  Sometime back in June Skimmer passed Rally Advanced; as I think he got a whopping 70 on his final pass – the lowest passing score possible – I may have subconsciously wiped this from my memory from sheer embarrassment.   However, since he (clearly) wasn’t ready for Rally Excellent, I entered him in a 4th Rally Advanced class for the extra ring time, and  he passed that entry too with a respectable 90-something.  4 legs for the win!

So about that very excellent Leonberger: I’m 99% sure that with Skimmer’s RA title, he how also gets the “VLX” Versatile Leonberger eXcellent designation – Minimum 3 titles, one of which must be advanced.  With this new designation, I believe his name is:


Skimmer von Stutensee, CD, DD, WD, RA, VLX

But even if I’m wrong, he’s still a very excellent Leonberger! and a great friend)


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