Summer of (Leo)Lovin’

Splash Barkley on back porch

Splash and Barkley finally take an exhaustion break from playing in the mud.

We’ve been lucky enough this summer to get visits from a couple of Splash’s brothers and also her special friend “Ekho”.

In May (April?) Bugsy and his brother Bowie (unrelated to Splash) came for a week visit and the house was total hair for the week!  Bowie is the shaggiest Leo I’ve ever seen and he loves to be in laps – so much for clean pants.  Bugsy is, man, Bugsy is… utter sweetness; kind and gentle, serious and thoughtful, and even shows some altruism – very unique dog.   Bugsy played kissy-face with Skimmer and so Skimmer adores him (there’s a theme to this… let me think…).

In June 2014, “Barkley” got to visit for nearly a week.  Must have killed them to leave Barkley for that long but from our side of things, it was a wonderful week – Barkley and Splash played non-stop until… well… until they had to stop from exhaustion.  Barkley was sweet and gentle with our kitties and sucked up to Skimmer as if he were King of the Forest.  Needless to say, Skimmer loves Barkley too, in a “as long as you keep telling me how great I am then we’ll get along fine, kid” sort of way.  I even took Barkley for a mini water-rescue practice to see if he had any talent for it.  Talent – some… yes – but not exactly enthusiastic about swimming.   Just as well since I wouldn’t be able to work with him (he is, after all, someone else’s dog – darn it).

Then just a couple weeks ago “Ekho”, a lovely 20mo Leo girl, and Splash’s BFF girl friend, came to visit for a week.  Ekho, too, said those magic words “Skimmer, you are wonderful!” and so of course Skimmer fawned over her, kissing her ears and teasing her with his tennis ball.  Splash and Ekho chased and body-slammed for hours at a time and barely stopped for sleepin’ at night.  Ekho was so sweet with our kitties that they took to her immediately (and that’s saying something!). All these pups pull at my heartstrings when they go away.

Summer is nearly over and there are no visits planned… darn.

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