Nuthatch no longer breeding Leonbergers

I soooo wish I didn’t have to say this, but we’ve stopped trying to breed Leos.  Splashy simply would not get pregnant!  We tried in 2016, we tried again in 2o17,  but it just didn’t work.  Splash was (is) such a perfect breeding girl too.  She was an excellent worker and smart as a whip. and has wonderful rear angulation and gait.  I just cry every time I think about what awesome pups she likely would have produced.

I guess I just wasn’t meant to breed Leos.  Don’t know… but right now we don’t have any breedable girl and other things are rapidly changing in our life so it’s possible that we won’t every have a breeding girl again.

If we are so lucky to have pups again, believe me, this site will go right back up and we’ll be braggin’ about Leo pups again.  I LOVED breeding pups, I loved staying up all night with little bundles of peeing and pooping and whimpering blobs.  I loved every part of it!

Since most readers here are looking for a puppy, once again I’ll just mention: start at the Leonberger Club of America site, and do your research.  Leos are wonderful dogs but if bred incorrectly can be large dogs with very large, potentially dangerous, problems. They are also *not* for everyone: they shed everywhere!; they need space and exercise!; they need early, consistent, constant, firm obedience until they are at least 2&1/2 to 3 years old, if not longer; the girls especially can talk up a storm and be stubborn drama queens! (“ohhhhh, my paw, it hurts mom! I bumped it!!! Attend to me NOW, mom! NOW!!!”).  Also, I’ve now seen so many young Leos with leash-aggression that I’m not sure why it’s not part of the standard Leo description!

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