Not the best "sit" he's done

Maybe his "sit command" isn't perfect, but who cares?! True Love!

12-3-1999 to 5-24-2010


My “heart” dog… who took a little piece with him when he died…

Guffey taught me how to train in water rescue – he was always eager to do exactly what I asked of him, I just had to ask him the right way.

Guffey became the first Leonberger WRDX (Water Rescue Dog – Excellent) in the U.S.   It truly was his passion.

My favorite water training memory:  Guffey and I would swim out about 50-70 yards and then I would go “unconscious”, floating on my back.  Guffey would haul me gently back to shore – I watched the clouds go by and my ears could hear only his breathing.  Sweet memory.