8-13-1998 to 10-10-2003

Marking Gesche to save a "drowner"

Gesche took every water rescue command seriously and intently.

Gesche still pains me to think about – I still miss her so.  She is the only dog I’ve ever had die way before her time…  a young 5 years.   She developed a brain tumor or lesion.  It was mis-diagnosed early on as Masticular Myositis (hmmm… might not be exactly right name) and she suffered more than she should have because of that.   When we discovered the brain issue, it was too late to do anything except hug her and say our tearful goodbyes.

Gesche was the matron of our family.  She made sure everyone was happy and everything was in order – a natural leader and caretaker.  I never got the chance to work her in water rescue at the “X” (excellent level) but I’m sure she would have competently done every exercise.   She raised Guffey with such care, and Guffey adored her.  When Gesche died, Guffey was a changed dog – it was sad to see.

Every minute of Gesche’s life was happy – that gives me comfort.