Gala on the boat.

How 'bout... I just sit here and let you save me!








9-7-2000 to 10-28-2008

After Gesche died we were heartbroken.  Guffey was depressed (seriously) and the whole family took a big hit.  In Dec 2003, roughly 2  months after Gesche died, we got the opportunity to give Gala a home and we jumped at the chance!

Gala was our beauty queen.  When she got out of the crate to meet us, both of us said “what a beautful dog!” first thing.   Her personality topped her beauty, a tough task!  She was the sweetest, kindest dog ever!  We had hoped to breed Gala – she was truly the most beautiful Leo we’d ever seen – but it turned out she had entropion (an inherited disease) and so that was not to be.  Guffey took to Gala immediately and became a happy boy again – the change abrupt and noticeable. We knew he’d been depressed but it was astounding how energized he became when Gala joined our pack.  In return, Gala deferred to Guffey as her big brother in everything – it was a natural blend.

Gala wasn’t much for water rescue though she did get her Junior level title – she was content to watch.