Tragedy struck Nuthatch Kennel on Friday morning, Jan 18th, 2013.  Ripple suffered the doggie version of a “heart attack”, likely due to a blood infection, and died.  Thankfully she did not suffer.  It was an absolute horrifying nightmare – the worst doggie incident we’ve ever had happen.  I don’t really know how to get over this; Ripple was truly my “perfect girl” and I miss her terribly every single day.  I haven’t had a tears-free day since.

The only speck of brightness in all of this is that Ripple gave us Splash, her beautiful fun-loving puppy, out of the November 2012 litter.  We’ve kept Splash and …well, who’s kinding whom… we’ve never had a less-than-awesome Leonberger girl and there’s no reason to expect any less from Splash.  We’ll just enjoy every minute with her as she grows the same as we did Gesche, Gala, Ripple and the same as we will for all the Leonberger girls yet to come.  She can never replace Ripple but she gives me meaning to continue on with these dogs.

-Marsha (Feb 2013)

UKC: Ripple Von Stutensee
AKC:  Ripple

Ripple stacked at CKC show Feb 2011

Fluffy and clean all in one package!

Sire:   Sentez Cosmo
Dam:  Nockerl Von Stutensee

Born: Jan 30, 2008 (litter of 2 girls, 2 boys)

LPN1 : N/N
Hips : Excellent
Elbows : Normal
Thyroid : Normal
Eyes : CERF
CHIC# : 76200
Height : 28″
Weight : 105 lbs

Temperment – gentle, loving, playful, with a mischievous streak; she loves to tease, and be chased by, other dogs.  Not shy but not overbearing; meets people calmly, with interest.  Extremely sensitive to human emotions and voice tones.  Super athletic, loves water rescue work, obedience, agility; does not like to be left out of the action and will make sure you know it!  Ripple is my “perfect girl”.

Conformation remarks: good size; slightly broken mask; good angulation; “very good fore chest” and best of all “…friendly and attentive…”.


  • Water Rescue Dog (WRD),
  • Water Dog (WD),
  • 1st leg of UKC obedience.
  • 1st leg of AKC obedience.
  • 6 points, including a 4-pt major, in conformation with (very!) limited showing – we’re not really crazy about that show ring stuff.
Ripple CKC show running, Feb 2011

Trying to look beautiful for my mom



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