About Us

We are the PetShow family, living and loving every moment in Conifer, Colorado.

Marsha’s focus is Leonbergers. She trains her Leos in Water Rescue, Obedience, Agility, a bit of Rally, and mostly just how to take over the couch. Sometimes they even do what she asks. Marsha also loves camping and being outdoors but figures “why bother?” if the Leos aren’t along. She is also a volunteer FF/EMT-B with Inter-Canyon Fire. And if that’s not enough, in her last small bit of free time she loves woodworking, occasionally playing a banjo lick, and taking care of the umpteen projects around the house. Oh yah, Marsha works too… a lot… as a software developer cog in a Fortune 100 company.

Janet loves Leonbergers too, but is ever-so-teensy-weensy-slightly less fanatical about them than Marsha. In fact, she has been heard to say “…they’re kinda big…”. She loves  camping and being outdoors and she is way way involved with volunteering in the local community (is there anyone in Conifer that she does NOT know?!). Janet is interim E.D. at Peaceworks in Bailey, CO.

This site is our personal home page with our personal thoughts and expressions, nothing more.  I, Marsha, do virtually all of the editing.  If I say something offensive it’s because I haven’t learned any better.

Enjoy your visit!